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Meditation & Relaxation

The word 'Meditation' is like the word 'Mediation' - the process of coming between two people to restore or maintain balance or agreement. Consider that there is you and stress, or you and whichever problem is troubling you. Meditation can be used to come between you and that situation to allow you to restore a more natural balance. Meditation can connect you to your own inner wisdom and to freedom within.

Meditation can be described as a holiday for the mind. Successful employers have come to know that people who decide to change their job or to change their career do so whilst on holiday. The simple fact that when you are caught up in the race and pace of modern life it is difficult to see and do something about your situation. On holiday you are in a place that is relaxing and energising. The pressures of modern life, to which we are all subject, take their toll on our minds and bodies. Our minds and bodies thrive on finer quality nutrients do they not? Meditation can bring amazing inner peace and relaxation, it can be an opportunity to become the real you, less subject to your circumstances.

There is an old saying - if you have a boulder rolling down hill and you want to change its direction then you must first bring it to a complete stop. Meditation is like stopping for a while so that you can re-think and re-feel your situation.

With meditation you can create in your imagination a situation from which you can draw strength and tremendous relaxation. For example I might take you through a process whereby you visualise yourself swimming in the warm sea off the coast of Crete.

I am pleased to teach my clients' techniques that they can use at home or elsewhere.

I have often used Meditation and Relaxation techniques to obtain positive results in the following areas:

· Stress
· Shock
· Respiratory problems / Asthma
· Phobias and mental blocks
· Energy / Stamina
· Allergies
· Tests and Examinations
· Blood pressure
· Confidence
· Sleep
· Smoking
· Fatigue

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