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I am often asked, "Can you hypnotise me to stop smoking?" My reply is always "Do you want to stop smoking?" If my client says, "No, my wife wants me to stop", then my answer is "No". Contrary to popular opinion when you have hypnotherapy you remain in control, you cannot be made to do something that you wouldn't wish to do. Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool; it produces a state of deep relaxation where, in fact, you are more aware than in your usual conscious state - just very relaxed. Hypnosis permits greater access to the extraordinary resources of the unconscious mind and the ability to learn creative and positive ways to meet ones own needs. It is a process by which I talk to the part of you that instinctively knows what is right for you. I always focus and build upon your strengths; I do not evoke or deal with the negative aspects.

Many people hypnotise themselves every day. Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam and after sometime has passed and you have become stressed or bored, have you found your mind thinking of what you will do when you get home? Perhaps you think of your spouse and how they will greet you, or of what you will have for dinner… Then, you realise that time has passed and you're almost home! This is self-hypnosis and it can be very therapeutic.

I have often used hypnotherapy to help my clients regain control in the following areas:
· Stress
· Confidence (Assertiveness)
· Phobias
· Sleep
· Smoking
· Test and Examinations
· Fatigue
· Decision making
· Problem solving
· Energy / Stamina

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